• AUDIENCE High Performance Audio Components

    Anapetaudio introduces the AUDIENCE range of high performance audio components to Australia.

  • AUDIENCE for Audiophiles

    Get the most out of your AV system with high-end AUDIENCE speakers, power conditioners, cables and interconnects.

  • AUDIENCE for Music Lovers

    Whatever you fancy ... sounds better with AUDIENCE.

  • AUDIENCE for Interior Designers

    Outstanding sound quality with a small footprint.
    Ideal for apartments, designer homes, home theaters, hotel lobby areas, etc.

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Anapet Audio Introduces Audience products to Australia
Anapet Audio is the official Audience distributor in Australia, also, we are not interested in carrying or representing any other brands so you and Audience get 100% of our focus and attention!  

We can offer the full Audience product range, Warrantee, service and support. This includes the famous Audience 30 day satisfaction guarantee!  You can try the product you purchased for 30days and if you are not completely satisfied of its performance you can return it for a refund on the products purchase price.  This gives you real piece of mind in dealing with the Authorised distributer and if you are not quite sure the the Audience cable, power supply or "what ever" will improve your systems sonics and performance.  

For a limited time Anapet Audio will be direct selling so you can enjoy direct from the distributer discounted prices.  This will only last as long as establishing a distribution network for Audience in Australia. So don't delay!